Finding Your Purpose

Last week during my #MorningMotivation posts, I discussed my belief that we are all born to do so much more than working and paying bills.  But with the current state of our communities and the economy, it’s nearly impossible for most of us to find time to really operate in our true purpose.

Many of my followers and challenge participants commented that they could agree with me and shared feelings of frustration surrounding the topic.  Knowing that you have a higher purpose and either not knowing what it is or how to access it seemed to be among the most popular types of input, and as the week progressed I was able to share my personal views, tips, and tricks on how to find your purpose so that you can begin to create a plan to operate in it.

In the lounge we discussed this in deeper detail and on each weekday I led a live stream to explore one of my Five Steps to Living Your Purpose:

  1. Find or define your true purpose.
  2. Create a plan to monetize your passion & purpose.
  3. Eliminate fear and doubts.
  4. Work your plan.
  5. Plan your escape.


Engagement among audiences in and outside of the challenge group was exceptional, and the information I was sharing seemed to have penetrated beyond my target audience.  Group membership and challenge registrations increased most during the hours after each broadcast, which was available for immediate replay after streaming live.