The Kickoff Date is Approaching

Good afternoon, Ladies (& Gents)

The launch date is soon approaching and I’ve been getting more and more excited about it.  I started this endeavor with a goal to help women build businesses that would allow them the control and freedom over their time and their income that would empower them to give back to their communities in a dynamic way.  I didn’t know that in doing this I would be challenging myself to give back in such a dynamic way.

I was totally prepared to put in the time required to build a following and really get women interested in participating in the challenge.  What I didn’t know, is what I like to refer to as the “unknown unknowns.” The list of things I was unaware that I would want or need to accomplish in order to make this challenge successful ended up being longer than the list of things I did anticipate.  I’ve created an entire syllabus of things I need to learn if this is going to be as successful as I’d like for it to be.  This learning process is one I can honestly say I’ll need much more patience for.  Keep me in prayer, everyone!



Update: this blog was originally posted in May of this year prior to the initial launch of the BYOB 30 Day challenge.  As our second launch date approaches, I’m pleased to say that I have LOTS more content and way more resources to offer participants this time around and that makes me super happy.

Though I am more familiar with most of the challengers this go-round than I was back in June, I regret to say that I am still anxious to see how participants are going to react to the course modules and the methods in which information is delivered.  I am always trying to ensure that everyone gets the most out of my webinars and live classes, but unless the audience I am serving is willing to provide feedback, I’m just gonna be out here winging it!

So if you took the challenge back in June or plan to take it during the month of October, please know that your feedback is always greatly appreciated and helps me provide more effective lessons and course material that is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions on how to implement the tactics learned in each module.