As a child, I was always encouraged to become a business owner so that I could establish a foundation for the future.  After deciding to pursue a business degree in 2003, it became a priority for me to learn everything I could about entrepreneurship and its many moving parts from both inside and outside the classroom.  
In early 2004 I launched my first online store, selling vitamins and other personal care products.   I  quickly learned that the best businesses were those that quickly and absolutely solve an exiting problem or fulfilled a strong desire.
 I struggled to feel my way through every step of branding, building and launching my business, self-educating myself on everything from licensing and ethics to marketing, e-commerce, and startup funding. 
Before long I had launched the first of many service-based businesses while still working full time. It was hard work, but even as a young woman, there was nothing more rewarding to me than knowing that something useful existed in this world only because I had created it.
In 2016 I was asked to plan and host the first ever Courageous Giving Luncheon, an event that is now entering its 3rd year as part of the Ed Block Courage Awards Gala Weekend
While working with me, you will learn to create and grow a brand that stands out among your competition, even within a saturated market.  
I’ll help you explore the tools, tips and tricks used by major corporations and together we’ll develop ways to implement these tactics into your game plan, allowing you to experience maximum success while avoiding some of the pitfalls that are so common to first time business owners. 
 I will also show you how to effectively build a team and a network to ensure your business is always running on all cylinders.

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